Backyard Chickens - Coop Plans

Backyard Chickens - Handout

Backyard Chickens - Powerpoint

Backyard Chickens - Reading List

Can American Soil be Brought Back to Life? - Mike Byers, Politico

Carbon Footprint of Organic Fertilizers

Citrus Fertilizer Chart - University of Arizona Publication az1671

Companion Planting - Resources

Companion Planting - Handout

Companion Planting - Powerpoint

Composting in the Desert - Tucson Organic Gardeners

Container Gardening - Handout

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Cover Cropping with Cowpeas - Powerpoint

Creating Healthy Soils - Powerpoint

Crop Rotation for Healthy Gardens - Powerpoint

Did you know you can Grow...Uncommon Crops for Tucson Gardens - Powerpoint

Fall Vegetable Gardening - Powerpoint

Fall Vegetable Gardening - Handout

Garden Basics Intensive Packet

Harvesting Rainwater for Landscape Use - University of Arizona Publication az1344

Herb Gardening - Powerpoint

Hummingbird Attracting Plants

IPM and Organic Pest Management - Powerpoint

Irrigation Parts List for Basic Setup

Landscape Watering by the Numbers - Drip Irrigation Guide

Low Water Landscaping and Rainwater Harvesting Resources

One Seed Pima County - U'us mu:n Cowpea

One Seed Pima County - Kala Chana Garbanzo Bean

Our Best Shot at Cooling the Planet may be Right Under our Feet - Jason Hickel

Planting Calendar for Tucson

Pollinator Habitat in Sonoran Landscapes - Powerpoint

Pollinator Attracting Plants

Pollinator Resources

Potting Mix Recipes 

Propagating Fruit Trees from Cuttings - Powerpoint

Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond Vol. 1 - Brad Lancaster

Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond Vol. 2 - Brad Lancaster

Seed Saving Resources

Self-Watering Containers and Sub Irrigated Planters - Powerpoint

Soil and Compost Resources

Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition

Soil Food Web Half Sheet

Spring Vegetable Gardening - Handout

Spring Vegetable Gardening - Powerpoint

Successful Strategies for Growing Tomatoes - Powerpoint

Suggested Reading - Our Favorite Books about Organic and Desert Gardening

Tucson Audubon Guide - Cholla Dwellers

Tucson Audubon Guide - Desert Finches

Tucson Audubon Guide - Hummingbirds

Tucson Audubon Guide - Quail

Tucson Audubon Guide - Tiny Raptors

Tucson Audubon Guide to Food-Rich Landscapes for Birds and People

Watering Trees and Shrubs - Simple Techniques for Efficient Landscape Watering - University of Arizona Publication 1298

Wildlife Gardening - Powerpoint

Worm Composting - Powerpoint