We install organic vegetable gardens and offer garden coaching services for gardeners of all skill levels. Call (520) 576-7085 to learn more!


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From Design and installation to Garden coaching and workshops, we offer many services to help backyard gardeners succeed.

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Learn about Gardening in Tucson

Our blog is updated regularly with tips on how to garden organically and sustainably in the hostile deserts of Arizona.                                             

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Gardening Classes

We offer seasonal gardening workshops and lectures on a wide variety of topics. All of our classes are free and open to the public.                    

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Our Company


Our mission is simple, to arm backyard gardeners and urban farmers with the skills, confidence, and growing environment necessary to grow bountiful gardens in the Sonoran Desert


“I worry less because I know what I’m supposed to be doing, that makes gardening much more pleasurable for me.”.

— Leslie Bowman

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Victory Gardens

For over four years we've helped gardeners all over Southern Arizona start and grow bountiful backyard gardens organically and sustainably.