Breaking ground on any new project is always a tough task. When that ground consists of rock hard calcified deposits known as caliche it becomes down right impossible. We at Southwest Victory Gardens know this scenario all to well.


At Southwest Victory Gardens we remedy this problem by offering our customers raised garden beds in a variety of sizes. All of our garden beds are constructed of durable Douglas fir and are treated with linseed oil, a natural wood sealant made from flax seed, so you can rest assured that your new garden bed will last for many years to come.

We Don’t Stop There – SVG Can Also Provide Your Victory Garden With:
  • Our specialized potting mix consisting of locally sourced certified organic ingredients.
  • Coco coir, vermiculite, alfalfa hay mulch and other organic soil amendments.
  • Full plantings of organic vegetable seeds and seedling transplants.
  • Applications of organic fertilizers for your victory garden and your edible trees and landscape plants.
  • Applications of beneficial organic microbes and fungal mycorrhizae to build soil life.
  • Trellises, cages, and frames.



*At Southwest Victory Gardens, we strive to better our community by sourcing our compost, soil amendments, plants and other materials from local companies whenever possible.


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Good afternoon,

I would like to get some pricing information for the raised garden beds that you offer. We may be looking for something in the 2×6′ range.

Thanks much!

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