Compost Bins and Worm Boxes
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Composting Bins Can Vary in Size, Shape, and Function


No organic garden would be complete without a place for compost and at Southwest Victory Gardens, we build and install a wide variety of custom built bins. From elaborate 3 bin systems, to simple box frames and wire mesh cylinders, we are sure to have just the style that works well with your gardening habits as well your landscape’s appearance.

For those with limited space, we also offer home made and pre-fabricated worm bins. Worm composting or “vermicomposting” is a great alternative to traditional composting for those who have limited space or for those who find the labor involved in traditional composting to be too burdensome. We can                                                                                       set you up with a worm bin, bedding, and just the right amount of                                                                                                       earthworms to get you started.

Additional Compost Related Services Include:
Composting Coaching Sessions
  • A gardening service like no other, Southwest Victory Gardens will come to your home with all the materials needed to build your own compost pile. We’ll discuss the materials that go into a compost pile and how they work, learn the techniques and skills for constructing a proper compost pile, and go over the common issues that many new composters face and the troubleshooting methods to deal with them.
  • We also offer a coaching session for the new vermicomposter. This session deals specifically with worm composting techniques and other issues related to composting with worms.




I did some vermicomposting, once upon a time. I got my worms from a local shop that sold fishing tackle. It is a great idea, and I will eventually get back into it. I still keep a compost pile, sometimes two. Good luck!!!

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