Chicken Coops, Feeders, and Cages
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Our Coops are Beautiful, Functional and Made to Last a Lifetime.

Have you always wanted a backyard chicken flock of your own but were not sure where or how to get started? Backyard chicken raising can be a fun and rewarding experience that the whole family can take part in. Eggs from backyard chickens are tastier and mulch healthier than those you find in the store, and backyard chickens are a pleasure to have around. SVG is here to help.

We now offer a one of a kind service that will get started with your own back yard victory flock. Let us do all the hard work of building and Installing your new coop, supplying you with your new chickens, and setting you up with everything you and your girls will need to be happy. We’ll also make sure your family will have the knowledge and skills necessary to keep your flock                         safe, healthy, and productive. Our full list of services includes:

Chicken Coop Design, Installation, and Maintenance
  • We offer several coop designs that can accommodate both small and large flocks. Unlike the coops you see at stores or in catalogs that are built from kits, our coops are built from the ground up from durable lumber and designed to last a lifetime. We offer both small portable coops for the hobby first time chicken raiser or large stand alone coops that can house up to 24 birds for those who are looking to expand their flock. We build our coops on site and we use only lumber and materials sourced from local Tucson companies whenever possible.
  • We’ll supply you with everything you need for your new flock including your new chicks, bedding material, feeders and waterers, supplements, and your first bag of feed. We also offer a monthly cleaning service to replace dirty bedding which will keep your girls happy and healthy.
Feeders, Waterers, and Cages
  • Southwest Victory Gardens can also build custom automatic feeders and waterers as well as specially designed cages for broody and show birds. Our self watering system using galvanized nipples will supply your flock with a constant supply of clean fresh water than can be re-filled without having to enter the coop and our self feeders work great for keeping sparrows and doves from eating expensive chicken feed.


*Tucson City Code – Section II chapter IV deals specifically with regulations regarding animals and fowl*


I am the director of Sky Islands high school here in Tucson.
We are an environmentally-focused school with a garden-to-kitchen program, and other projects.
Students want to raise chickens and are involved with researching building a coop. Can you consult and perhaps help design/ build with them?

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