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websp1My name is Brandon Merchant and I am an organic gardener in living in Tucson, Arizona. I was born in Yuma grew up in the Phoenix Suburbs. I began gardening and composting in my backyard over ten years ago and now I would like to share the skills I have learned over the past decade growing fruits and vegetables in the hostile Arizona deserts with you.

I started Southwest Victory Gardens out of my love of our unique climate and my passion for helping others. At Southwest Victory Gardens we know how important it is to have a constant, reliable food source that is free of GMOs, synthetic pesticides, and the many other hazards associated with industrialized agriculture. Our goal is to provide Southern Arizonans with the growing environment, knowledge, and skills necessary to grow bountiful, delicious, and healthy produce in their own backyards, all year long.


Hi Brandon, I just watched the videos you and Susan created for AZ Daily Star. Very interesting. I live in a developing community north of Tucson…Saddlebrooke Ranch. Many of our residents are in the beginning stages of learning how to vegetable garden in the desert. I’d like to invite you to speak to us in the future regarding veggie gardening, most importantly, how to create a small and visually appealing compost area to support our gardens.

The Gardeners Exchange is a new organization I started to help our residents, all from “somewhere else” to learn about desert gardening. We have no fees, so I would not be able to offer you any stipend, but we would offer immense gratitude if you could share your expertise with us.

Let me know if you might be interested. We meet once a month, so we could plan a time convenient to your schedule. Ask Susan about us. She came to speak last spring. Thanks for your consideration.

Zann Wilson

Hi Zann,

Yes we would be more than delighted to come and speak for your organization! I will email you shortly with more information.

Hi Brandon ~ I work in a nursing home/assisted living and would love for you to come and speak to our residents. They love outside education and what more wonderful than flowers etc…
Thank you

Hey Brandon I am thinking of changing my front yard because of the Argentine ants and the eucalyptus water hog. Do you know anyone who knows about these design constraints who could help me?
Carol (arboretum…)

Hi Brandon,

We are plum out of your business cards! I just gave your name and number to a lady who wants to start gardening in raised beds. She will contact you. But we would like to have your cards to hand out at the store, 3061N Campbell Ave


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